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The DOUBLE-LOCK EXTENSION APPLICATION TRAINING DVD is available now and includes directions for removing/adjusting the links in addition to a complete application process from preparation to completion.

Our new COUNTERTOP DISPLAY SIGN/SAMPLE includes a bag of the straight colored remi hair but you can substitute your own (which could be a sample of virgin hair that you have bleached, colored and curled to show the flexibility of our all natural hair product). It creates tons of "buzz" and tells it like it is... we sell good hair that won't let you down.

We have two sized banners (4'x2.5' and 6'x2.5') you can place above your display or outside your shop to promote the fact that you are now selling the "salon exclusive" Lalani brand of premium 100% Remi 100% Indian human hair. Ask your Territory Sales Rep. about sending you one.

We created some Testimonial display cards that give some compelling reasons why your clients should choose Lalani Hair for their next weave or hair infusion! They come framed in plexiglass and ready to mount near your display. Ask your Territory Sales Rep. about them... here's a link to download a low resolution .pdf file to get a better look.


FASHION POSTERS with photos of beautiful hairstyles created with LaLani hair for you to hang on your salon wall... maybe next to your display of exclusive LaLani hair products.

Product Displays

These are some of the PRODUCT DISPLAYS OF LALANI HAIR at a few of our dealer Salons. From top to bottom below, At BEAT Boutique in Montgomery, Alabama, at Spice of New York in Augusta, Georgia, and at Eminent Blessings Salon in Orangeburg, South Carolina.

COMING IN 2012... private label hair product available exclusively to Lalani Hair Salon Dealers!

These products are being developed exclusively for use on Lalani Hair weaves and extensions and will only be available to our Hair Salon Dealers. There will also be a line of fragrances and cosmetics. Stay tuned to the Lalani website for availability or ask your Territory Representative about them!

Paste this html into your webpage for the Lalani Hair logo:

<TD HEIGHT="36" VALIGN="TOP" ALIGN="CENTER"><!--SELECTION--><FONT SIZE="-1" FACE="Verdana"><A HREF="http://www.lalanihair.com/"><IMG SRC="http://www.lalanihair.com/graphics/lalaniweb.jpg" HSPACE="10" VSPACE="10" ALIGN="BOTTOM" BORDER="0"><!--/SELECTION--></A></FONT>